Bubba Blue Breathe Easy Infant Head Rest With Cover Grey

Bubba Blue Breathe Easy Infant Head Rest With Cover Grey



Category: Baby Health

Colour: Grey



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The Bubba Blue Breathe Easy Infant Head Rest can now assist to reshape and gently cradle the baby’s head to reduce the risk of developing Flat Head Syndrome whilst safely sleeping on their back as recommended.

Pressure Relief:

The Bubba Blue Infant Head Rest has soft supportive 3D mesh material with an ergonomic design that cradles baby’s head naturally. It is not a traditional pillow and does not lift baby’s head. Rather, it’s contoured design gently supports Baby’s head and relieves negative pressure on Baby’s soft skull to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome, whilst still enabling Baby to move their head naturally.

Breathable 3D Mesh:

The 3D knit mesh technology has created a mesh head rest with soft cushioning and gentle support. The millions of soft polyester microfilaments acts as a mini pressure relieving spring system that adjusts independently to the weight and contour of Baby’s head. The mesh structure also allows optimal air circulation and any moisture to pass through to ensure maximum breathability and comfort.


The 3D knit mesh construction naturally wicks away heat and moisture, preventing the breeding if mould and dust mites. Heat and moisture easily passes through creating a breathable and comfortable head rest for baby.

Easy to Clean:

The Head rest can be washed easily. Simply remove the bamboo cover and machine wash separately from the head rest. The head rest should be gently hand washed and dried according to the care instructions.

Compact and Portable:

Easy to pack and take anywhere. The Bubba Blue Breathe easy infant head rest is a compact apple shape which can be easily taken out of the bassinet or cot and used in the pram or change mat.

  • Provides pressure relief as its ergonomically designed to cradle a baby's head naturally, whilst allowing freedom of movement.
  • Contoured design relieves negative pressure on Baby's soft skull to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome.
  • Made from a breathable 3D soft mesh. It provides support & breathability, allowing air to circulate and any moisture to pass through for extra comfort.
  • Easy to clean to ensure it remains hygenic during those times when spills can occur.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Included is a white bamboo cover for extra protection.
  • Compact size and easy to take anywhere.
  • size: approximately 22 x 21 x 3.5 cm


What is Flat Head Syndrome?

This is a condition that causes baby's head to have a flat spot or be misshappen. This occurs when baby's head develops a flat spot due to prolonged pressure on that area. Infants are vulnerable as their skull us soft and still developing. Because babies spend so much time lying on theur back, they may develop a flat spot where their head presses against the mattress.

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