Sweet Dreams Waterproof Change Table Mattress - 490mm x 690mm

Sweet Dreams Waterproof Change Table Mattress - 490mm x 690mm


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Category: Change Mats


Size: Gro Time 490x690mm



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The Sweet Dreams mattress is not covered in traditional vinyl as it has a tendency to deteriorate when washed with disinfectant or chemicals. The Sweet Dreams change table mattress is covered in a bonded waterproof fabric that, unlike the old style vinyl mattresses, can be cleaned with disinfectants or washed in hot soapy water, very important as germs can spread due to continual nappy changes.

Our Non-Cracking change mattress features a zipper at the back so it can be easily removed and re-sealed if you wish to remove it for washing. This also reflects the quality finish to the change mattress. Any seams on the mattress are in the sections not exposed to liquids, this is important as it prevents liquids penetrating the actual inner of the mattress.

The foam is a higher grade or density than others available, allowing your baby to be comfortable when lying on the mattress. High density is the term used to describe the foam used, which promises and adds many more years of life and better performance to these mattresses.

Guaranteed to offer the highest level of comfort and waterproofing and best value.

MAT SIZE: 49 x 69cm   (Grotime change table) 

Other sizes available: (white only)

48 x 80cm   (Boori change table)
40 x 75cm   (King Parrot change table)
49 x 75cm   (Childcare change table)
44 x 80cm   (Sleigh change table)
41 x 80cm   (Combo change table)

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