Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce and Sway

Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce and Sway


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    Soothing sways and playful bounces inspired by nature

    • Innovative dual motion wire-free bouncer that offers the perfect combination of soothing sways and entertaining bounces, creating a unique experience that envelops baby in a natural environment that supports the development of EQ.
    • All natural motion - continuous movement is created either by baby's natural bouncing movements or by parents' loving hands, swaying the bouncer.
    • Musical variety: the bouncer offers a selection of 19 tunes in 3 different categories - 25 minutes of continuous music.
    • Cute, smiling Meadow Days characters amuse baby and encourage your little ones to practice their fine motor skills.
    • Elegant design includes soft, padded seat that is easy to wash and quick to assemble.
    • Suitable for newborn up to 9Kgs.
    • 0-3 months - Place baby in the bouncer and gently bounce or sway your little one to relax or stimulate baby's body sensation.
    • 3-6 months - As babies grow and muscles develop, they will be able to create motion in the bouncer independently, making the seat bounce up and down with their own movements.
    • 5+ months - When introducing baby to solids, the bouncer seat is a convenient option. The slight elevation can help babies that aren't yet sitting up independently explore new tastes and textures more easily.

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