Dwinguler Play Mats - Big Town Extra Large

Dwinguler Play Mats - Big Town Extra Large


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Category: Play Mats Gyms


Size: 2300x1400mm



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The Dwinguler baby play mat features a beautiful, simple contemporary rug design. It is reversible for you to change the design in your home. The Big Town design has an interactive village and road track on one side and a beautiful pastel alphabet on the reverse side. The mat weighs approx. double the weight of other brands available, meaning that it offers greater shock absorbing properties as well as not moving or slipping on floor surfaces.


• Perfect for playtime for babies and children as well as parents! 

• Suitable for all areas of your home, indoor and outdoor. 

• Shock-absorbent softness to protect your baby from bumps and tumbles on hard floors. 

• Makes the perfect parent exercise mat for when your baby is sleeping.

• Waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

• Non-toxic

• No chemicals

• Reversible designs

X-Large Size:

• 2.3m x 1.4m

• 15mm thickness

• 10kgs weight

Manufactured in South Korea using Patent manufacturing methods for producing eco-friendly products, made with high-quality non-toxic materials that are friendly to the environment. Complies with all requirements of CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards. Soft to touch with no plastic feel, all mats are free from chemicals, heavy metals, phthalates and formaldehyde.


12-month warranty

Care instructions

• For first use and cleaning, please wipe with a soft cleaning cloth and luke-warm soapy water. Please avoid harsh brushes and chemical cleaners as the use of these may damage the mat.

• Do not use the rotating-head of vacuum on the surface as these will damage the play mat. Avoid using a regular vacuum as these may also scratch the surface.

• Do not place this product in a washing machine, nor dry or steam cleaning.

• There will be some minor creasing from the rolling after unpacking; however, with the elastic characteristics of the mat, these will settle over time with regular use.

• Avoid leaving these products in direct sunlight for extended periods as the images are likely to fade.

• As the mat protects the surface beneath, there will be varied wear on your flooring. It is recommended that you regularly move your mat.

• Please do not leave this product under heavy furniture as the depressed area may be damaged and not return to its original state.

• Please remove shoes when using your Bubba Mat, and avoid sharp, rough, and hot materials from coming into contact with the mat as they can cause damage. Not suitable for animals or pets as they may damage the mat.

• Be sure your baby or child does not draw on the mat with pens and markers as this may be difficult to remove.

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