Infa Secure Comfi GO 6m-8yrs

Infa Secure Comfi GO 6m-8yrs


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Category: Forward Facing Car Seats 6m-8yrs

Colour: Black Fleck



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Infa Secure Comfi GO 6m-8yrs

Introducing the Comfi Go - A Convertible Booster Seat
The Comfi Go is a versatile Convertible Booster Seat designed to accommodate children from approximately 6 months to 4 years old, utilizing the in-built harness. Once the child reaches the middle marker, it converts into a Booster Seat using the vehicle's lap & sash seatbelt, suitable until approximately 8 years old.
With a slimmer profile of 47.5cm, the Comfi Go introduces new advancements in safety, comfort, and ergonomics.
Innovative Shell Design
The redesigned shell of the Comfi Go incorporates an ergonomic shape to enhance comfort. It maintains a robust blow moulded construction, providing larger access to the belt path and featuring our unique anti-submarining technology. This ensures that the Comfi Go is not only the safest but also the most comfortable Convertible Booster Seat we have ever created.
In the event of a frontal accident, the unique 'pommel' design of the seat base, combined with the air-bag-like blow moulded construction, functions similarly to the front seats of your vehicle. The sloped surface generates a greater downward force, reducing lateral movement and submarining. In Booster Seat mode, the armrests with anti-submarine design work in harmony with the new base, keeping the lap belt securely positioned across your child's lap. The included SafeGrip Belt Clamp prevents the lap belt from riding up into the soft abdominal area.
Moreover, the exclusive under-the-seat belt path significantly minimizes forward movement during a frontal accident. The larger access areas under the armrests make installation easier than ever. The Comfi Go also offers a recline position to provide extra comfort for your precious little one.
Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T)
The Comfi Go incorporates Air Cocoon Technology™ (A.C.T), enhancing side impact protection through its blow moulding design. This innovative construction dramatically reduces impact forces in the event of a crash. The high blow moulded backrest and spacious side wings act as airbags, significantly reducing forces exerted on a child's head and body during a side-impact accident.
Active Fabric™
The Comfi Go features durable and breathable Active Fabric™ covers that are easy to care for. The machine-washable covers, complete with convenient press-stud attachments, can be easily removed for cleaning without uninstalling the restraint. The shoulder pads are also removable. The Comfi Go is available in the stylish Black Fleck color option.
Experience the utmost safety, comfort, and convenience with the Comfi Go Convertible Booster Seat.

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